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What is the Hippo Club?

Our private online free community for families with young children who suffer from hypoglycemia.

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Here we all have a great understanding of what it’s like to live day-to-day with drops in sugar!

We’ve been dealing with families for many years who live similar realities to our own, and now we want to add our “sweet gesture” for all of them.

We ultimately want to build the community that we would have liked to find when the hypos crossed our paths…

Would you join?

Exclusive Resources

You have a lot of useful information on the website but the Club is even cooler: coloring pages, instructional games, working on reading and writing, hobbies…

Join the Hippo Club for FREE and enjoy the many things we have prepared for our COMMUNITY MEMBERS ONLY.

”Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember,
involve me and I’ll learn it”

Benjamin Franklin

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Learning by Playing

Our children have what they have, but they want to do what all the children their age do: play, have fun and be with their family.

What if on top of having fun, you learn to identify the symptoms of hypoglycemia, how to reverse a drop in sugar, which foods work best for you, and why, etc.?

We all know playing has multiple benefits, not just in childhood…

Any age is good to play! 

However, in childhood, playing is one of the best forms of learning. And while they’re having fun, they develop skills at many levels: psychomotor, social, cognitive…

What if you also help them to have early
self-control of their condition?

Learning about hypos

It is scientifically proven that children subjected to continuous hypoglycemia suffer changes in the structures of their brains.

On of the main issues that families with hypoglycemic toodlers face is that they often don’t notice when they’re low or when they’re feeling unwell…

So, we think that is the most, most, most important aspect to learn.

And we’ve prepared a lot of materials for you to spend time together!

“For a child, playing is an opportunity to take a piece of the world and craft something out of it”

Francesco Tonucci

Help us go further

As you see, we have a lot of ideas, dreams and good intentions. Do you lend us a hand? So we will be able to do many more things by and for children suffering from non-diabetic hypoglycemia;) Thanks a million!

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