Colección familia hippo

Hippo family collection​

The Hippo family seems like a normal family to the naked eye…

They like to spend good times in the family: painting, reading stories, going on excursions and many other things!

But if you look closely you will realize that they are a very, very special family …


Hippo is a very happy child and likes to do the same as all children of his age.

But sometimes he has to sit still because he feels sick.

The “elders” have explained to him that it happens because his blood sugar goes down.

He already understands many things because his parents have explained to him in a easy-understanding way since he was still a baby.

However, as he grows up, he has to learn more things because some day he will have to control his blood sugar himself…

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Papás Hippo

Mommy and Daddy Hippo

The Hippo parents have the same things in their minds as other parents: the school issues, taking care when the child has got a cold, etc.; but their lives were also crossed by hypoglycemia.

Some hours after Hippo was born, Mommy and Daddy Hippo discovered that he had a disease which causes him problems for regulating “blood sugar”.

Therefore,  they have had to learn many new things for many years; always counting with the help of their great friend Chromo.

Hippo Grandma and Grandpa

The Hippo grandparents are two lovely elders who care a lot about their grandchildren.

As with (almost) all the grandparents, they love to spend time with their grandchildren and to indulge them a bit.

When Hippo stays with Grandma and Grandpa, they sometimes give him something to eat that “does not do so well” and his parents grumble. However, they have also learned to turn a blind eye because they understand that Hippo also needs small concessions.

Abuelos Hippo

Hippo little sister

The Hippo parents had a hard time deciding whether to have a little sister because they were afraid of “going through the same thing again”.

Yet, the arrival of his sister was the best gift ever for Hippo, because together they live a lot of adventures…

Also, both learn a lot about “blood sugar”!

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"Learning is experience,
everything else is just information"

Pablo Picasso

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