The Wishing Tree

We dream of a world where hypoglycemia does not exist …

And we know that it will take a long time to arrive!

Notice that we said “and” instead of “but“. “But” focuses you in two completely opposite directions.

We want to help you cope with hypoglycemia in an empowering way!


We didn't want to cross with the hipoglycemia and we did. We had many dreams during pregnancy and they changed. And we want to give to our children the same life we dreamt for our "healthy" child”.

We didn't want to live with blood sugar drops and they came...

When you fall flat on your face because of a rare disease causing hypoglycemia, your life becomes chaotic.

That initial chaos gives way to uncertainty, to millions of doubts, guilt and fears that you didn’t even know existed.

We decided to change all “what if my child cannot…?” For many, “How can I help my child to…?”

Then, we decided to go further and we asked ourselves many “How I explain to my child…?”

Yet, we think on answering with what our children like best: drawings, stories, imagination, dreams…

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The Hippo House

Identify the symptoms

It is impossible for a baby to express in words when feeling sick; that's why we are working in different educational materials that will allow learning within the family to identify low blood sugar symptoms through images and to continue to keep on learning through tales, videos and games...

The Hippo Family

Follow the stories of a family living with hypoglycemia.

Thanks to the Hippo Family we will learn many things about low blood sugars, rare diseases and many other things!

We belong to those type of people who believe that learning must be funny. Do you follow us?

Crucigrama Hipoglucemia en línea

Educational games

We have created a series of characters that will explain us many things about glucose, hypoglycemia, genetic diseases…

And much more!

And best of all, you can learn very, very important things by PLAYING!

Discover our online and printable games about hypoglycemia: memory puzzles, word search, crosswords, find the pair games, Hippolingo…

Help us go further

As you see, we have a lot of ideas, dreams and good intentions. Do you lend us a hand? So we will be able to do many more things by and for children suffering from non-diabetic hypoglycemia;) Thanks a million!

Adventures on Planet Sugar

With the help of different experts (doctors, teachers, psychologists, etc.) we are working on some educational stories for congenital hyperinsulinism (HI).

HI is not only the most frequent cause of hypoglycemia, it is also the disease with which we live.

Therefore, we dream that we could explain to our children how the disease works and to be autonomous in the management of it from a younger age.

Without forgetting our own ways of learning that we also have as parents.

Be Hippo, My Friend

Join our free online community for families living with low blood sugar and learn while having fun.

Enjoy puzzles, find the pair games, coloring pages, word search, crosswords and many more games, only for Club Hippo members.

"There is no hill rocky enough
that two people cannot climb together"

Henrik Johan Ibsen

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