Adventures on the Planet Sugar

Sugars live on the Planet Sugar. Although they look pretty much like us, Sugars are funny characters with colorful cakes on their heads.

They like to do the same things as humans: dancing, painting, playing, swimming… but above all:


Their cakes are very funny because they grow when they eat and they become tiny again while they do things. Inside their cakes, Sugars save the energy they need to run on properly; because they, like us, could not move without energy.



Each Sugar works with a very complex programming system, it is called the Book of Tales which can only be read on special machines. Yet, there are no two books are alike, because there are no two Sugars alike.

On the Planet Sugar, in addition to these characters; lives Mutan, who is…

a very bad wizard

which is always looking for a way to change the tales of the Sugars. Yet, sometimes, when a tale changes, a whole story changes.

Do not worry about Mutan because there are also good wizards on the Planet Sugar: they are

the Tutticolori Goblins

They live in the Crystal Palace: it is the place where Sugars are fixed when they break down. It is located on the top of Scare Mountain, one of the highest mountains on Sugar Planet.

Some Sugars arrive really damaged to the Crystal Palace and they have to stay there for a while. That is why the Tutticolori Elves created

The Hotel of the Palace

where Sugars go to eat and sleep whilst they are getting better.

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The trilogy

We are working on a collection of stories about congenital hyperinsulinism (HI), a rare disease that causes recurrent “blood sugar drops” due to defects in the mechanism of insulin secretion.

Paula and the Giant Cake

The day that Paula arrived to Planet Sugar, she did it with a huge cake on her head. And when she started eating her cake grew, grew and grew, just like on other Sugar babies.

It grew, grew and grew...

And it did not become small! That was not what other cakes did…

Paula’s cake became so big that it almost did not fit inside her room. Of course, since it was so big, it weighed a lot, so the girl began to tremble with so much effort.

Her parents, seeing her tremble, climbed up Scare Mountain to the Crystal Palace, in search of the Tutticolori Goblins. They ran so fast that they almost had to fix all three…


The secret of the Yellow Goblins

They had come back from their trip to Genom with the certainty that hyperinsulinismus congenitus was a very rare spell.

And now, they would soon discover that Mutan has many ways to circumvent the protective spells of the Tutticolori Goblins.

However, the Yellow Goblins protect a great secret that may be able to help them this time…

The attack of the Itis

One night while Paula is peacefully asleep, a strange being walks through her nose and …


Oh no, the Itis have managed to cross…

Can the Tutticolori Goblins help them this time in their fight against Mutan’s henchmen?

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